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Our Products include:

Cantilever Pallet Racking, Drive In Drive Through Racking, Gondola Racking System, Gondola Shelving System, Heavy Duty Rack Malaysia, And Pallet Racking System

Save Your Time and Space with Us

Lap Yue Trading provides ingenious store racking and shelving systems for the varying needs of the organizations with products such as selective pallet racking, drive through racking etc. We are a value-driven and tailored racking supplier with the best racks in durability, density, technology, and quality. Our team helps you choose the right type of racks according to your product’s shape and size.

Boltless Rack Malaysia

Our boltless rack Malaysia offers a vast selection of heavy load to light load racks. They are designed to minimize the set-up time for the packages and save your money too. These boltless racks are fast to install and can be dismantled according to the client’s requirements.

Cantilever Racking System

The cantilever pallet racking system, also known as cantilever storage racks, is a perfect choice for oversized, long, and bulky materials. Our cantilever storage racks are multi-level and high-density storage racks and handle different types and sizes of products without column obstruction. They are made of steel and flexible enough to accommodate your material.

Drive In and Drive Through Racking

Our drive-in and drive-through racking systems,  including the drive in racking system Malaysia, are self-supporting racks and free-standing, allowing drive-in access to your stored products. The drive-thru racking system and the drive-in racking solution store products in cubic space, minimize the pallet per square cost and enable FIFO inventory control.

Gondola Shelving System Malaysia

We have the best Gondola racking system, including the gondola rack Puchong, made of metal and mostly used in supermarkets. Our Gondola shelving system Malaysia is of premium quality and are known for their durability in the local market. You can get the adjustable Gondola shelves with excellent durability and finishing.

Heavy Duty Rack Malaysia

Our heavy-duty rack Malaysia, including the heavy duty rack Malaysia, is an ideal solution for storing your assorted items. These smart racking solutions are best for medium to heavy load of goods. However, the products will be stored and retrieved manually from this type of racking system. The heavy-duty racks enhance the heavy load storage.

Pallet Racking System

The pallet racking system can be used with the help of carts or forklifts. Our pallet racking system is one of the best in Malaysia as it is a perfect material handling system to organize and store your product pallets. We use forklift trucks to place the products on the storage racks.

Selective Pallet Racking System

Our selective pallet racking system is one of the preferred storage systems for warehouses. It stocks a wide range of fast-moving stock units. Moreover, you can change and configure our selective racking system as per your inventory requirements. It improves the overall warehouse efficiency and productivity.

Steel Racks for Shops

We are the pioneer in providing durable steel racks for shops, and you can use them in the supermarket or retail shops. We offer racks for shop displays and storage too. Moreover, these racks are made of high-quality steel and are durable also.

Mezzanine Floor Supplier

We are a renowned mezzanine floor supplier in Malaysia that provides additional and modular storage spaces for your inventory. These can take up the load up to 1000 kg per m2 and are highly portable too. Our Mezzanine floor is easy to install in the existing buildings and free-standing also.

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